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Program Overview

On Your Mark is an On-Demand Marketing and Promotional site where you can build advertising print and promotions quick and easy.

Here you can create professional company Flyers, Direct Mail and Promotional pieces customized for the markets you want to reach with the products you want to sell.



We are experts at helping Industrial and Commercial Distributors reach more Customers.

Let us help you sell more of the products you offer by using our print and mailing services.

Whether you have created your own product ads or need our help, our creative web and printing pros are ready to help launch your marketing campaign, we even assist you in selecting the right sale products and mailing.

Take a test drive of our demo and see how easy we’ve made it to launch your next marketing piece,

And feel free to browse this site for other easy print capabilities such as promotional items, business cards and forms.


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Welcome to the On Your Mark Test Drive

Click Here to Build A Flyer Click Here to Build A Direct Mail Card


Printing Pricing

Our on-demand in-house capabilities allow us to economically print and mail four color flyers, direct mail cards and catalogs in many sizes and quantities. Everything we print and mail comes from the same location making it easy for you to track your marketing campaigns. Sample pricing is show below for your reference.

With each On Your Mark order your shopping cart will total up printing and mailing costs before you check out. Special pricing for large printing and mailing quantities can be quoted separately by your On Your Mark account manager.



 Size  As-Low-As Price
8 1/2” X 11” (1) Page (1) Side
8 1/2” X 11” (1) Page (1) Side  $49.95/Min 100
8 1/2” X 11” (2) Sides  $95.00/Min 100
8 1/2” X 11” (4) pages  $191.00/Min 100
8 1/2” X 11” (8) pages  $379.00/Min 100
8 1/2” X 11” (12) pages  $539.00/Min 100
8 1/2” X 11” (16) pages  $699.00/Min 100

Direct Mail Cards


6” X 9” (2) Sided  $24.95/Min 50
5 ½” X 8 ½ (2) sided  $19.95/Min 50
8 1/2” X 11” Folded and Tabbed  $55.95/Min 50
8 3/8’ x 10 7/8” (32 Pages Including Cover)  Call For Pricing /Min 1000
8 3/8’ x 10 7/8” (48 Pages Including Cover)  Call For Pricing /Min 1000
8 3/8’ x 10 7/8” (64 Pages Including Cover)  Call For Pricing /Min 1000
8 3/8’ x 10 7/8” (96 Pages Including Cover)  Call For Pricing /Min 1000






Mailing Costs


All mailings are handled directly from our in-house USPS service. Pricing for First Class, Bulk and Pre-sorted mailing are charged at the USPS published rates. We do not charge handling or delivery fees.



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Q&A Page


When I create my own ads what format works best?


Med to Hi res PDF


Can OYM help with creating my ads?


Yes Our Team of Graphics Specialists are on hand to help with any of your design needs


Where are my pre-build ads stored?


We can create a file for your or they can reside on your computer drive


Can my ads be used in a digital format for e-mail blasts etc.?


Yes all ads and images created can be attached to an e-mail and many ads can be hyperlinked to your company website shopping cart


Is there a draft of my flyer that I will have a chance to pre-approve?


Yes we will indicate the steps before any files are printed you will be able to approve


Where will the cost of printing and mailing my flyers appear?


We will send pre- cost information and your final price will be shown in your OYM shopping cart at final check-out


For further “On Your Mark” program questions please call 800.927.9774 or fill out the form below.






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Build A Flyer Instructions and Samples

Building your own Custom Flyers and Direct Mail Cards is Easy


  • Go-To The Select a Flyer or Direct Mail Card Template.
  • Insert Your Company Name, Logo Website Address and Phone Number.
  • From The Browse Button Select your pre-build ads (or we can build and ad for you).
  • Insert ads in the template boxes.
  • Preview your Flyer or Direct Mail Card.
  • Submit for Format printing approval. We will send a proof back to you.
  • Select your quantity of printed copies. Click here for Print Pricing Guidelines.
  • Your final job will appear in your shopping cart ready for checkout







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Build A Flyer

Here’s where you can build your own customized single or multi-page sales flyer and direct mail coupons.

Turn these pieces into a professional marketing campaign. From the pre-designed flyer templates you can build your flyer or direct mail piece ready to print and mail using your list or one we can provide.

Simply Insert your company name and advertising sales message, it will appear on the Front Cover, Inside Headers and Rear pages.

If you have ads pre-built in .pdf or .jpg you may insert them in the designated boxes by using the browse files function.

If you'd like us to format your ads our creative team will assist you. The ads you create can be stored in your own library to re-use at any time.


You can create many styles of flyers for specific markets, seasons and selling cycles.

Click here for Instructions and some examples



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